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 Enjoy our hand-crafted wines from the best available juices in Italy, Chile and California.
We welcome you to bring your own food to pair with our wines. However, we frequently have food trucks preparing their individual specialties and  Michael’s Pizzeria in Jacksontown does deliver to us.
Looking for unique and different place to have a wedding, book or wine club meeting?  You will find our scenic location in Southeast Licking County a great place to relax with your friends.
Hope to see you soon in the tasting room.
Jim Young, Vintner/Owner

Up Coming Events

Third Annual Fall Style Show Tomorrow Night!
Back by popular demand, Sand Hollow will host the Third Annual Fall Style Show on Thursday, August 25. Enjoy Poppy’s Roadside Diner, while seeing the latest fashion trends modeled by veteran runway models that will make you think you are in New York City! The show starts at 6:30 p.m. rain or shine. Jo Welsh of Cabi clothes will be the emcee, and all outfits modeled can be ordered for those who are interested. So, bring your gal pals and head on out to Sand Hollow Winery for some fashion and fun! (Just for the record, Jim will not be modeling. Cindy will be. Someone has to pour the wine!) 
Poppy’s Roadside Diner Schedule:
Style Show on 25th and Saturday August 27th.
The best comfort food this side of the Mississippi! The burgers, fresh cut fries, Reuben’s, chicken club sandwiches to name a few are to die for.
Check Poppy’s full menu online.
Yoga and a Wine Chaser!
Don’t delay reserve a spot for one of these yoga classes Saturday August 27th at 12:30 p.m. Katie Gilbert, a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor, will take beginners and intermediates through 60 minutes of vinyasa flow. Focusing on breathing, staying present and stretching your body and mind. You will walk away with a sense of peace and relaxation and ready for a glass of wine! Bring your own mat, an open mind, and a thirst for wine.
$15 fee includes 60-minute yoga class and a glass of wine.
Limited space available. Email your reservation to and put Yoga in the subject line. Please pay at the door.
Wine and Paint with Natalie August 27, Starting at 2pm
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Natalie will be painting something very similar to this photo. She will walk you step by step to create this beautiful painting. During this 1 1/2 – 2 hr session she will teach you basic color theory and brush techniques and step by step instruction on how to create every element in the painting!  Price per person : $30 includes glass of wine and all the painting supplies.


When is Mr. Speaks going to be available?
There has been some unconfirmed and misleading rumors about the possibility of having a glass of illegal Sand Hollow Wine in downtown Newark. We are trying to confirm these rumors but information is tight. Recently at a location across the street from the historic jail, 57 S. 3rd St,. The man in the photo was inquiring to see Mr. Speaks, the reported proprietor, unfortunately the man has come up missing. If you see either him or Mr. Speaks please let us know.  If you do SOS us on the 18th or 21st.


Sand Hollow Lake goes to winter level!
Due to a leaking overflow catch basin riser. The water level is now at winter level. Water activities will be limited to swimming, paddle boat, drinking and dangling your feet until further notice. We are looking at all our options for federal, state, pawn shop and quick cash funding. However, until funding is secured we will be open during the rest of this year and the next several years. While we work through this challenge we encourage you to continue to support all the businesses around Sand Hollow Lake. Thank you for your understanding. The management

The long anticipated opening is finally here.
IMG_20160519_091231455It has been a long winter and I know many of you have missed being able to use the official Sand Hollow Winery IMG_20160519_091244862_HDRouthouse. It is once again fully functional along with the shower on the backside.  Unless you want to air dry please bring your own towel.  As in the past we will be supplying a Sears catalog or other suitable paper products for your convenience. We considered having a water closet attendant like they do in Italy, but couldn’t find a volunteer that didn’t expect to keep the tips. Maybe next year.

Live – Music Police I’m Playing You!
Latest BMI Update: This might be coincidental BUT after Evolution played and I posted the “Cease and Desist” letter in this newsletter last week the winery website was hacked. Google flagged it as a potential malware site that would be dangerous to open up. Unfortunately, it was necessary to hire a third party to clean my website of malware but I am back up and in the good gracious with Google. However, when inquiring if the site could have been compromised by a disgruntle person like my friends at BMI they said absolutely. If they can hack into the FBI, Hillary’ server and the White House they can surely get into a winery website. Hmmm probably should not have mentioned all of those sites now I’m on their watch list! Coincidentally the BMI letters and phone calls have stopped. That may change after this posting.
To see the previous “Music Police” post go to newsletter archives above.

Wine Only!
Please respect our need to follow state law regarding consuming other types of alcohol at Sand Hollow Winery.
You can try hiding it in a red solo cup. But really, how many of those do you see at a winery! All that it takes is one customer seeing the illegal consumption. Who tells a bar owner that files an anonymous complaint. Then we have to explain that red solo cup to the State of Ohio, Division of Liquor! Thanks for understanding.

Looking for a place for your group to meet?
If you are looking for a fun place to hold your next get together for friends, family or coworkers, consider renting the Sand Hollow Winery tasting room. Give us a call for details 740-323-3959.

Tasting Room Hours
Hours change by season, weather conditions and my mood. 
Spring, Summer and Fall: Thursday and Friday – 5pm to 9pm    Saturday – 2pm to 9pm
Winter: Friday – 5pm to 9pm    Saturday – 2pm to 9pm

Open by appointment:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  Closed Sunday
If in doubt please call (740) 323-3959 or (740) 404 8971 to confirm.
Tasting Room and Private Tasting Room available during week for private parties.    

Sand Hollow Winery,   12558 Sand Hollow Rd., Heath, Ohio    43056,     (740) 323 3959