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Enjoy our hand-crafted wines made with 100% Old World-style juices from Italy, Chile and America. Our Wines range from full body to sweet, all with a bountiful bouquet and unrivaled New World-style drinkability.

We welcome you to bring your own food to pair with our wines. However, we frequently have food trucks preparing their individual specialties and  Michael’s Pizzeria in Jacksontown does deliver to us.

Looking for unique and different place to have a wedding, book or wine club meeting?  You will find our scenic location in Southeast Licking County a great place to relax with your friends.
Hope to see you soon in the tasting room.
Jim Young, Vintner/Owner

Up Coming Events


Redemption dinner is now “reconciliation” on St. Patrick Day March 17th.
Evidently Stan ‘The Slasher’ pic here has brought the Irish back to their senses. They have asked for binding arbitration to occur to resolve the territory issue. That will occur after our authentic Lenten Italian/Irish pasta meal. (Shells stuffed with shrimp & crabmeat layered with a creamy Alfredo sauce, salad and dessert.) Come dressed in your best Italian or Irish 1920’s garb or any other old thing you want to arbitrate in. Two people $30 or one person $18. Wine is extra!
RSVP by March 15th. Call 740 345 5542 or email to reserve a spot against the wall!
                                                           Our St Valentine Day Party Revisited!
Friday Nights Are Game Night at Speakeasy 
Yes it is true Cindy’s Chutes and Ladders has taken a back seat to the Klein’s drinking version of Jenga and the Hollis’s Cards Against Humanity! If you have a favorite game to play bring it in. Warning: Clothes must remain on for all games played during open hours.
New speakeasy password is “Woody”
Do you know what the relevance is? It isn’t for the OSU coach either! Let’s hope more of you know the answer than knew what 18 & 21 was for. Most answered was the drinking ages. As president elect Trump would say, “Wrong.” 18 & 21 stood for the 18th amendment for prohibition and 21st amendment revoking prohibition.  BTW when coming to the speakeasy go to the door that has “Mr. Speaks Office” on it and knock.
Party Rooms Available In Future Brothel
Looking for a relaxed place to have your group gather during the holiday season? Mr. Speaks has finished his interviews for the new brothel called Ginger Bread Row. Rooms available for rent are Peggy’s Parlor, Cynthia’s Sins, Pampering Pam and Sofia’s Sofa.  For a limited time these rooms and catering are available for as little as $50 (catering is extra!). Call Ken to reserve a room today 740-405-2534 or Mr. Speaks at 740-404-8971.
Mr. Speaks is going to be available at 4:30 pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and  Saturday
Remember the Speakeasy is located directly across the street from the historic jail at 57 S. 3rd St.. Look for the illuminated yellow light at the peak of the roof. Knock a SOS on the solid black door with a peep hole and enter.  If it is locked please look inconspicuous while waiting for someone to open the door. When asked the password respond “Woody.” BTW if the yellow outside light is not on. Mr. Speaks has received word from his informants that it is not safe to partake in any juice. If you are coming from out of town text this number 1910 to Mr. Speaks at 740 404 8971 or 740 405 2534 . Wait for his text response before proceeding to the Sand Hollow Juice bar.
BTW if you see someone that looks very familiar…he is! That is our favorite food truck operator Ken Monroe from Poppy’s Roadside Diner helping Mr. Speaks. Ken has made himself available to serve up great juice and a specially prepared food menu for his regular and new customers!


Yoga and Wine… March 18th at Winery in the Country
What better way to recover from St. Patrick’s Day then with a little movement to flush out the indulgences and rehydrate with a glass of wine? (or an hour nap on your mat if you prefer…) Join Katie Gilbert, a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor with your own mat, an open mind, and a thirst for wine. The class is suitable for beginners to advance. Please contact Katie at the email address below to make sure your spot is available.
$15 fee includes 60-minute yoga class and a glass of wine.
Limited space available. Email your reservation to
and put Yoga in the subject line. Please pay at the door.
Closed for the season  
With great fanfare the official Sand Hollow Winery outhouse was closed for the season. Please schedule your visit to the indoor privy with our other winery guest to avoid lines. Unlike last year we will have ample supply of TP…well until we run out. We are now interviewing for volunteers for the outdoor privy attendant position for next year. During the off season all peek holes created by wood peckers will be covered up. Again we do apologies for that one peeping Tom’s indiscretions.  A thorough background check will be implemented for next years privy volunteers.
Important Notice
Before leaving, check your pockets and bags for our logo glasses. Recently we have caught a few trying to escape when the merchandise alarms went off. The alarms are loud and annoy our neighbors, guests and wildlife. Please help us keep the peace and serenity and rogue glasses here. Warning to Employees & Guest – Excessive frisking is not encouraged or condoned! Thank you Sand Hollow Winery Management
Wine Only
Please respect our need to follow state law regarding consuming other types of alcohol at Sand Hollow Winery.
You can try hiding it in a red solo cup. But really, how many of those do you see at a winery! All that it takes is one customer seeing the illegal consumption. Who tells a bar owner that files an anonymous complaint. Then we have to explain that red solo cup to the State of Ohio, Division of Liquor! Thanks for understanding.
Live – Music Police I’m Playing You
Latest BMI Update: This might be coincidental BUT after Evolution played and I posted the “Cease and Desist” letter in this newsletter last week the winery website was hacked. Google flagged it as a potential malware site that would be dangerous to open up. Unfortunately, it was necessary to hire a third party to clean my website of malware but I am back up and in the good gracious with Google. However, when inquiring if the site could have been compromised by a disgruntle person like my friends at BMI they said absolutely. If they can hack into the FBI, Hillary’ server and the White House they can surely get into a winery website. Hmmm probably should not have mentioned all of those sites now I’m on their watch list! Coincidentally the BMI letters and phone calls have stopped. That may change after this posting.
To see the previous “Music Police” post go to newsletter archives above.
Looking for a place for your group to meet?
If you are looking for a fun place to hold your next get together for friends, family or coworkers, consider renting the Sand Hollow Winery tasting room. Give us a call for details 740-323-3959.

Hours change by season, weather conditions and my mood. 

Speakeasy Hours:
Wed., Thurs, Friday and Saturday 4:30 to ? Closed Sunday
Text 740-404-8971 or Text 740-405-2534 for secret number & availability.
Rooms available for groups any day.
Winery on Sand Hollow:
Winter Hours: Saturday – Noon to 7pm
Open by appointment only:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  Closed Sunday
If in doubt please call (740) 323-3959 or (740) 404 8971 to confirm.
Tasting Room and Private Tasting Room available during week for private parties.

Spring, Summer and Fall Hours: Thursday & Friday – 5pm to 8pm    Saturday – Noon to 8 pm 

Sand Hollow Winery,   12558 Sand Hollow Rd., Heath, Ohio    43056,     (740) 323 3959