Hand crafted wines from the best available juices in Italy, California and Chile.

  Red & White Wines – $17.75/bottle
  Sweet Fruit Wines – $17.00/bottle   
  Case discount 10%
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We also have select wines on tap at the Speakeasy!

Red Varietal  Description  

Bad Day Gone Good – This refreshing Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Petit Verdot blend is medium bodied wine that has a delicate bouquet and a rich texture. This wine possesses solid tannins and acids that delight the palate. It is a versatile accompaniment for dinner parties and a wine to be enjoyed amongst good friends on a bad day!

Castel del Papa – Related to Châteauneuf-du-Pape, it is distinguished by its intense deep-red, virtually black color. Good tannins, medium acidity and high alcohol level are all noticeable characteristics. Experience richness and fullness as the aromas of nutmeg and cocoa fills your glass. You will be conquered by the flavor of its ripe, small berries and lavender notes.

Girls Night Out – This smooth Cabernet Sauvignon 75% Merlot 25% blend is full bodied with solid tannins, yet it is surprisingly smooth with an extremely long finish. The wine is enhanced by the underlying pepper nose, full ripe berry and black currant with a herbal character.

Malbec – This Chilean favorite, offers a deep garnet robe. The flavors are of intense, ripe, red fruits with a hint of cinnamon. The well-balanced oak only enhances the wines characteristics. Pairings: Grilled lamb, venison, and Mexican dishes.

Montepulciano – This Italian classic has a deep ruby robe with violet reflections. It is a complex bold wine with soft peppery tones and nuances of spice all wrapped up in a velvety texture. This wine is well structured for ageing in order to provide you with a finished wine that can be truly savored.

Nebbiolo – Relax with your friends drinking this smooth Barolo style wine. That is full bodied with solid tannin’s, yet it is surprisingly smooth with an extremely long finish. This Nebbiolo wine is enhanced by the underlying violet nose, full ripe berry, plum with herbal character.

Sangiovese – The Sangiovese name means “blood of Jove” (Jupiter) and it ranks second in importance in Italy after Nebbiolo. Ruby-red in color, this wine has a clean attack with soft tannins and is lightly fruity ripe berries and a hint of underbrush.

Who’s Your Daddy? – Our favorite Merlot 60% Cabernet Sauvignon 40% blend has soft and smooth tannins with an underlying pepper nose. The full ripe berry and black currant flavors add to the wines subtle softness. Its long, full, elegant finish will leave you wanting more.

White Varietel Description

Chardonnay – An elegant wine with rich aromas of honey, tropical fruits and ripe apples off the tree. Its rich varietal character is enhanced and not overpowered by the smooth oaky finish. Pairings: chicken, fish, pasta.

Pinot Grigio – Having a straw yellow tinged with green highlights, its lemon zest, grapefruit, and pear fragrances interlaced with scents of ornamental flowers are an invitation to taste.  The vivacious acidity imparts a unique flavor of freshness and liveliness. It is a true full bodied with that combines delicacy and refinement.

Riesling – Nice bright yellow with a slight green highlights. Crisp fresh whit wine with aromas of apple and apple blossoms with a lime/lemon hint. This wine has a fresh attack, with a lively finish. Perfect for savoring ice cold on a warm summer’s night.

Sweet Fruit Varietel Description

Black Cherry Shiraz – A subtle wine made with Shiraz and a blend of black cherries. This wine has a silky mouth-feel, medium bodied with hints of citrus. It has a very pleasant, lingering black cherry finish with aromas of cherries. Serve as a social wine, or with desserts like cheesecake, tortes, bittersweet chocolate and cheeses.

Raspberry Merlot – A delightful blend of Merlot and raspberries make a very rich and medium bodied wine, bursting with luscious raspberry flavor and smooth raspberry aromas. Can be served as an after-dinner liqueur accompanied by a rich chocolate dish such as fudge or black forest cake. Also delicious drizzled over ice cream or cheesecake.

Wild Berry White Zinfandel – A soft blend of various wild berries and Zinfandel for a delightful rosé wine that reminds of the taste of summer. Medium bodied with delicate fruit flavors and aromas. Perfect for drinking on its own, with a salad or with after dinner sweets.

Tropical Fruit Chardonnay – Another Chardonnay but this time with the taste of the tropics. With rich aromas of honey, tropical fruits and ripe apples off the tree. Its rich varietal character is enhanced and not overpowered by the smooth oaky finish.

Red Wine tip:

Red wines should be allowed to breath for 30 minutes before drinking to enhance the bouquet and taste. If you are impatient like me and want instant gratification then aerate your wine. Ask for a taste comparison with a Vinturi aerator and without, you will become a believer.

Coincidentally we sell Vinturi aerators for $35.00, Aerator and Dispensing Tower  – $60.00.